Quality Policy

The company “Triedros Consulting S.A.” is involved in the design and supervision of electromechanical and other projects, which are connected to its main object. In addition, it provides technical support, project management and technical consultancy.

The company has experience and specialization in design and supervision of complex buildings such as nursing homes, cultural buildings, banks, education, tourism, sports, industrial complexes and facilities, infrastructure projects and shipbuilding units.

The services provided are characterized for their flexibility and can be combined to best suit the requirements of the project and the customer’s demands.

The Company’s Management has developed its Quality Policy with view to provide high quality services, with technical and qualitative characteristics that arise from the market needs and in conjunction with Company’s overall business objectives.

The Company through the Quality Policy is committed to:

• Provision of high-level professional services

• Compliance with all its contractual and legislative obligations

• Cooperation with suppliers and subcontractors who meet company’s quality standards

• Continuous briefing, updating and training of human resources to promote Quality in all their activities

• Provide the necessary resources for smooth, productive and efficient operation of each company department

• Setting Quality objectives, the achievement of which is reviewed at regular intervals

• The disposal of Quality Policy to anyone interested

The tool through which the company implements, controls and adjusts its Quality Policy is the Quality Management System.

In order to implement the Quality Policy, the company considers necessary to actively involve the employees in the compliance, development and documentation of all the procedures provided by the Quality System. All employees in the company contribute to the effective implementation of the quality system, but also to its improvement. Quality policy is notified to all staff.