About us

25 Years of Corporate Presence

TRIEDROS CONSULTING is a highly experienced Greek company, providing Consultancy, Engineering, Energy management and Commissioning services, specialized in Mechanical, Electrical, Public Health, Fire & Life Safety (MEP).

TRIEDROS CONSULTING has a constant & reliable market presence since 1989, when first established as a team of associate Engineers.

Services & Expertise

TRIEDROS CONSULTING provides elaborating services for MEP installations in buildings and infrastructure projects, covering a wide spectrum, such as tourism, industry, transportation, hospitals, educational buildings, residential complexes, office buildings, shopping malls, leisure and mixed use complexes, industrial buildings, transportation facilities, harbors, airports & railways, utilities networks.

TRIEDROS CONSULTING is capable to provide client with A-Z services, from conceptual design & project management, up to supervision, commissioning, preparation of operation & maintenance manuals and training of the end-user in managing the facilities in ways that guarantee economical, error-free operation and longer life-cycle.

Partners, associates and employees are all high qualified professionals, with the majority to have over 15 years of proven expertise and deep knowledge in a wide spectrum of Engineering.

In all projects, no matter what the technical requirements are, TRIEDROS CONSULTING considers the client’s needs, finding the best ways to integrate them in the final outcome, achieving the highest quality, functionality, economy, ease of maintenance, operational reliability and aesthetics as well as “value for money”.

World Wide Presence
Following market demand and taking advantage of the accumulated experience, the last 15 years TRIEDROS CONSULTING has deployed activities in Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Russia, Turkey, Libya, China, Qatar, Dubai & Saudi Arabia.

The company is member of:
Technical Chamber of Greece (T.E.E), Pan-Hellenic Association of Consultant Engineers (HELASCO), U.S Green Building Council (USGBC).

Our history

Colaboration A. Michas – S. Kolokontes – N. Niarchos

February 15, 2021


February 15, 2021


February 15, 2021

and outside Greece

February 15, 2021

and Transportation Media Studies …

February 15, 2021

and Commissioning

February 15, 2021

and LEED

February 15, 2021

and Projects QA/QC

February 15, 2021

and Integrated Training to Projects

February 15, 2021

More than 25 years of Design, Supervision, Technical Consultant, Commissioning, LEED, Quality, Training services

February 15, 2021

Board of Directors

Sotiris Kolokontes

Chairman & Managing Director
Senior Partner
Mechanical – Electrical & Marine Engineer – (NTUA) (1976)
Founder of Company in 1994

Nikos Niarchos

Vice President & Managing Director
Senior Partner
Mechanical Engineer – (NTUA) (1985)
Founder of Company in 1994

Christos Moisidis

Senior Partner – Member of Board of Directors
Mechanical Engineer – (NTUA) (1992)
Started with Company in 2000

Spiros Tsakonas

Senior Partner – Member of Board of Directors
Mechanical Engineer
University of Warwick, Coventry, U.K. (1997)
Started with Company in 1999

Vasilis Kolokontes

Senior Partner
Mechanical Engineer (NTUA)(2006)
Started with Company in 2006

Vasiliki Madenoglou

Secretary – Member of Board of Directors
Started with Company in 1996

The people of our company are at your disposal.