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Triedros S.A. taking advantage of its accumulated experience in Design and Supervision of Projects, provides, since 2009, "Total Commissioning" Services certified under ISO 9001:2015

What is "Total Commissioning"?
The systematic process of verifying and documenting that the Whole Project and all its Functional Systems, perform in accordance with the Design Concept, the Requirements and the Goals of the Owner.

Cx Scope
- Verifies the implementation of Owner’s Requirements and assures that Maximum Quality is achieved
- within the agreed Contractual Construction Cost.
- Oversees the correct installation of Life Safety and Fire Protection Systems.
- Supports the achievement of Energy Efficiency and Environmental Goals. 
- Optimizes the operation and the Efficiency Rate of Systems and Installations.
- Significant extension of the beneficial Life Cycle of the Equipment.
- Reduces the Operation Cost through the Projects Life Cycle.

Cx Services
- Integrates the requirements of the Cx process to the Construction Documents.
- Documents' preparation, surveillance or execution of Checks, Adjustments, Measurements & Functional
- Tests.
- Analyses the results, concluding in recommendations for corrective action if required.
- Final collection and delivery of all documents as "Cx Register".
- Composes Handbooks as "Operation & Maintenance" Manual, "Training Program" and "Systems Log
- Book".
- Training of Personnel for Operation & Maintenance procedures & Energy Monitoring.